Thursday, August 11, 2011

Batman coins

1966 TV series Scripts

89 Movie premier at Graumans Chinese theater Vests

Vests worn by ushers and manager for the 89 Movie premier at Graumans

Style Guides

Here are some of my Style Guides I have about 10 more packed up some where

89 Micheal Keaton bronze statue

The 1989 WBSS Bronze Micheal Keaton Batman Statue #88 /250  I also own Kent Meltons original proofs he took to WB for the Painted Batman and Joker statues they are packed up. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dark Winters Knight Master prototype

This is the Master prototype to the Dark Winters Kight snow globe by Dc Direct

Remakes/Reboots etc

OK I HATE HATE all of the remakes reboots whatever you want to call them of tv shows and movies from the past that are being done today. I dont care that people say " they are for a new generation" guess what if the NEW generation cant accept them as they were done before then go suck lemons. IF the show sucked before well guess what the budgets/special effects/writing etc etc was the way it was back then. If you cant accept the show for how it was before then don't watch it and complain how crappy it was. Sorry I am set in my ways I like how crappy stuff was done in the past. I like my classic tv shows I like my classic Cartoons I like stuff the way it was and dont want to see a new take on it so that a new generation of people can enjoy it... To me the new versions of a lot of stuff other than in name and etc have NOTHING to do with the originals so how is it being done for a new generation if you did the same scripts but with diff actors and etc that would be remaking it for a new generation. But to use the same characters and a few things here and there but change the rest of it to hell and back is NOT in my book making it for a new generation you are just stealing part of an idea that already existed and doing what the hell you want to with it......